That Spot You Just Can’t Reach… How to beat winter itches!


     Winter has really been coming in to town the past couple months and with it comes the dry winter itchy skin. Makes my skin crawl to think about it. 

     If you are not suffering from a serious skin condition and just have a case of the “Winter Itches”, there are a few products that I can recommend and they seriously work at healing and protecting your skin. 

     Wash with moisture.. Clinique Deep Comfort Body Wash is a winner! This is the silk fountain of mild body cleansers. The most important fact is that it is from Clinique~ skin experts. 

deep comfort body wash

     There is a whole set for the face by Clinique.. They call it “The Moisture Surge Set” and it can be your weapon against winter coming at your face. Protecting and renewing. Keep that summer glow of moisture and look like you just walked out of the Caribbean. 

moisture surge set

     If you just have a little dry skin on your face, but it is still annoying, the perfect light moisturizer that won’t weigh you down is the Thirsty Skin Face Spray by Clinique. I love this spray. It is light and so easy. You can carry it in your purse and just spray on through the day as needed. It literally makes your face brand new! 

spray face lotion

     I hope to find more wonderful products for “The Winter Itches”.

     I will keep finding awesome solutions and sharing them with you. 

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